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L'esprit du vin.

In three words: Solitary, brimming, understated.

Notes: White flowers, honeycomb, tangerine, lemon, yellow apple, underripe mango, caramelized almonds.

Varietals: Riesling, Sylvaner, and Pinot Blanc.

Where/when it was born: Laurent Barth - Alsace - 2013

The Kettle

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Always, one.
Focus on one true thing
in the pool of millions.

That thing is yours.
Sometimes it will be shrouded
in sand and salt,
but other times it will glow,
like steam in the light.

And then it boils over.

Everything boils over
and demands that you touch it,
like some silly dog.

Now, you know it
because you've felt its fur—
soft and tangled.
This thing you chose,
it's yours now.
Just take it,
you did it.



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And we're saying hello.

In three words: juicy, fresh, fun.

Notes: Rose, strawberry, underripe watermelon, sour cherry, with a slight (but lovely) bitter finish. 

Varietals: Malvasia, Barbera, Brachetto, and Moscato d'Amburgo.

Where it was born: Cooperativa Valli Unite - Piemonte - NV


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I wrote a poem, my love.
But I ran out of paper and
lost my pen.

So I tried to keep the words together
in my head
but things got clumsy
and I missed the important parts.

When I wrote you this poem,
I was thinking about the sunshine and rain
and the way you move
through the seasons
like a nothing thing.

And how things grow
and die all at once,
like my lost poem
that I wanted so badly
to write.


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In three words: Unconventional, idiosyncratic, delightful.

Notes: Bruised apple, white peach, pear, hazelnut, and some spice on the finish. 

Varietals: Viognier, Vermentino, Vigiriega.

Where/when it was born: Barranco Oscuro - Andalucía - 2012